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What are Regular Verbs ?

700+ List of Regular Verbs: Regular verbs are those which take either “d” or “ed to form past and past participle. The regular verbs use this predictable pattern in changing form.
There are many regular verbs in English. It is impossible to list all of them here, but we have prepared the list of most commonly used regular verbs with some rules.

Rules of Forming Past and Past Participle of Regular Verbs

Rule-1: Those verbs which end in “y” preceded by a consonant change y into I and add ed.
Present Form Past Form Past Participle
Dry Dried Dried
Jolly Jollied Jollied
Levy Levied Levied
Bury Buried Buried
Cry Cried Cried

List Regular Verbs that End in Y

List of some useful regular verbs which form their past and the past participle by this rule.
Accompany Dillydally Jollify Qualify
Ally Dirty Jolly Quantify
Amnesty Disqualify Levy Quarry
Amplify Dissatisfy Lobby Query
Apply Diversify Magnify Rally
Atrophy Dizzy Microcopy Ramify
Autopsy Dolly Marry Rarefy
Baby Dry Modify Rarify
Beautify Dulcify Multiply Rely
Belly Edify Minify Ratify
Bloody Electrify Misapply Ready
Bury Embody Miscarry Rectify
Busy Emulsify Mollify Reedify
Carry Esterify Mortify Remedy
Classify Empty Muddy Replevy
Calcify Envy Multiply Reply
Canopy Exemplify Mummify Reunify
Carry Eddy Mummy Revivify
Copy Falsify Mutiny Rigidify
Certify Fantasy Mystify Roughdry
Cry Flurry Nitrify Sanctify
Chivy Fancy Notify Sally
Citify Ferry Nullify Sanctify
Codify Fry Objectify Saponify
Comply Glorify Occupy Satisfy
Crucify Gratify Ossify Savvy
Cully Guaranty Oversimplify Scarify
Curry Gully Pacify Signify
Curtsy Horrify Ply Study
Dandify Humidify Purify Scurry
Decalcify Hurry Parody Silicify
Decry Identify Parry Simplify
Deny Imply Personify Solidify
Defy Indemnify Petrify Specify
Deify Intensify Photocopy Speechify
Denitrify Intermarry Pillory Spy
Densify Inventory Prettify Steady
Descry Justify Pretty Stultify
Detoxify Jellify Prophesy Stupefy
Devitrify Jelly Purify Sully
Dignify Jimmy Putrefy Supply
Clarify Worry Verify Tarry
Empty Supply Vilify Terrify
Vary Typify Tidy Try

Rule-2: Verbs that end in “Y” preceded by a vowel, keep the Y as it is, and add “ED” to form the past and past participle.

Present Form Past Form Past Participle
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Play Played Played
Annoy Annoyed Annoyed
Journey Journeyed Journeyed
Survey Surveyed Surveyed

List of regular verbs which form their 2nd and the 3rd form using this rule.

Betray Delay Enjoy Annoy
Bray Destroy Eye Deploy
Convey Disobey Blarney Destroy
Decay Display Decay Disobey
Embay Employ Holiday Journey
Essay Fray Jockey Mosey
Obey Play Pray Splay
Outplay Portray Purvey Rely
Survey Sway Harry

Rule-3: If a verb ends in a consonant and a single vowel letter come before that vowel make the final consonant double and then add “ED

Present Form Past Form Past Participle
Drip Dripped Dripped
Drop Dropped Dropped
Plot Plotted Plotted
Scan Scanned Scanned
Stem Stemmed Stemmed

List of some important regular verbs which form their 2nd and the 3rd form by this rule.

Admit Dip Gag Nod
Bat Drag Grab Occur
Beg Drop Grip Omit
Blur Fan Hug Permit
Dip Drip Drug Chat
Flap Hum Plan Chip
Flop Kid Plod Dim
Fulfill Nip Plot Fan
Fog Fret Emit Entrap
Equal Equip Recur Rot
Scab Scat Refer Rub
Scam Scrub Regret Sag
Scan Skid Rob Sap
Scar Slam Slim Snap
Stem Stir Slip Sob
Step Stop Submit Befit
Benefit Bop Tap Blot
Bob Brim Bum Cap
Chip Chop Bus Chat
Chisel Chorus Chug Clip
Clot Combat Compel Clog
Club Commit Con Cop
Crib Dab Concur Cram
Crop Dam Dog Drum
Duel Expel Dot Dub
Excel Fag Fib Fit
Flap Flip Flit Flog
Flop Gab Gad Gag
Gallop Gig Gossip Grin
Grit Gun Grab Grip
Gum Gut Hem Hog
Hum Jar Gel Grub
Jet Jig Jut Ken
Knot Label Lag Lap
Lob Log Man Map
Mar Mop Mug Nab
Nag Nap Net Nod
Omit Overlap Overstep Pan
Pedal Permit Pip Pit
Plan Plop Pop Quiz
Plod Plot Pot Rag
Ram Rap Rebut Recap
Refit Remit Rib Rig
Rim Rip Rob Rot
Rub Sag Scan Scram
Scrap Scud Shag Sham
Shrug Sidestep Sin Skid
Skim Skin Skip Slam
Slim Slip Slog Slop
Slot Slug Slur Snap
Snip Sob Span Spar
Spot Squat Stag Stem
Stop Strut Sub Submit
Strum Stun Swab Swap
Swop Tag Tan Tap
Tar Thin Throb Tip
Top Transmit Trap Travel
Trim Trip Trot Tug
Twig Underpin Whip Whop
Yap Zip

Rule-4: The following verbs take “D” or “ED” in the past and past participle 

Present Form Past Form Past Participle
Adjust Adjusted Adjusted
Add Added Added
Bless Blessed Blessed
Charge Charged Charged
Default Defaulted Defaulted
Educate Educated Educated
Harm Harmed Harmed
Abash Abbreviate Accommodate Adjust
Abandon Accept Admire Add
Abate Achieve Acquire Agree
Abide Abdicate Address Afford
Absorb Abduct Act Advise
Animate Alight Announce Allow
Answer Appear Applaud Apologize
Assort Approach Argue Approve
Astonish Assert Arrest Ask
Audit Attract Attack Attend
Accelerate Avoid Acknowledge Accuse
Abort Accumulate Adapt Account
Abstract Achieve Arrange Accord
Abolish Abridge Adjust Adopt
Advertise Appreciate Attest Advise
Approve Attract Allocate Attach
Audit Appoint Attack Attempt
Believe Boil Balance Breathe
Belong Buzz Blush Box
Belt Bow Boast Bang
Bless Blossom Belong Bash
Brush Blast Banish Block
Behave Bolt Board Bomb
Brood Boost Brush Border
Bump Boycott
Cash Celebrate Call Calculate
Cause Capture Canvass Charge
Carve Cease Challenge Cave
Charge Center Cheat Change
Check Call Choke Chew
Calculate Capture Cite Clean
Change Carpet Clash Close
Chase Cloud Collapse Collect
Chat Command Collide Commence
Commend Comment Compact Compare
Compete Complain Complete Complicate
Compose Confirm Confuse Conquer
Consider Contain Contact Contribute
Convoy Cook Cope Correct
Correspond Corrupt Count Cover
Crack Cross Crowd Crush
Dance Decode Decrease Default
Decline Dehydrate Deliver Demolish
Denote Depart Depend Deport
Depress Derive Desire Develop
Detail Detect Determine Die
Differ Digest Direct Discount
Discover Dismiss Distort Disturb
Diverge Doubt Draft Drain
Drone Droop Duplicate Dye
Edit Educate Effect Eject
Elect Elope Emboss Emerge
Encourage Enlist Enrich Enter
Equate Erase Erode Erupt
Escape Exact Evaluate Examine
Excavate Exchange Excite Exclaim
Excuse Exist Expand Expect
Export Exposé Express Extend
Fail Fast Fault Figure
Fill Fine Firm Fix
Flatter Flex Flow Fold
Foot Found Fuel Fulfill
Function Furnish
Gain Gamble Garage Generalize
Generate Glaze Glitter Grade
Gross Grumble Gutter Guzzle
Hack Hail Halt Hammer
Happen Harm Hate Haul
Hear Heat Heave Heckle
Heft Hook Harm Heal
Help Hesitate Highlight Hire
Honor Hope
Ignore Imbed Impact Impart
Incite Increase Index Insult
Invent Invite
Join Jump
Kick Kill Kiss Knock
Land Last Latch Laugh
Leak Leer Lick Lift
Limp Listen Look Love
Manage March Mark Mash
Match Matter Measure Melt
Merge Mew Migrate Milk
Mind Miss Mix Moo
Mould Moult Move
Nail Need Neglect Note
Notice Oblige Observe Obtain
Open Protect Provide Pull

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