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rain past tense

Rain Past Tense

Past tense of rain: The verb rain is a regular verb, i.e. we make its past tense and past participle form when we add -ed to the base form. The past form and past participle of rain are rained. The meaning, synonyms and forms of the verb rain are given below.
Meaning: If it rains, water falls from the sky in drops 
Synonyms: pour, precipitate
Infinitive: to rain
Present Form: rain (third-person singular rains)
Past Form: rained
Past Participle: rained
Present Participle: raining

Conjugation of Verb to Rain

Rain Present Simple Tense
  • I rain
  • We rain
  • You rain
  • He/She/It rains
  • They rain
Rain Past Simple Tense
  • I rained
  • We rained
  • You rained
  • He/She/It rained
  • They rained
Rain Future Simple Tense
  • I will rain
  • We will rain
  • You will rain
  • He/She/It will rain
  • They will rain
Rain Present Continuous Tense
  • I am raining
  • We are raining
  • You are raining
  • He/She/It is raining
  • They are raining
Rain Past Continuous Tense
  • I was raining
  • We were raining
  • You were raining
  • He/She/It was raining
  • They were raining
Future Continuous Tense
  • I will be raining
  • We will be raining
  • You will be raining
  • He/She/It will be raining
  • They will be raining
Present Perfect Tense
  • I have rained
  • We have rained
  • You have rained
  • He/She/It has rained
  • They have rained
Past Perfect Tense
  • I had rained
  • We had rained
  • You had rained
  • He/She/It had rained
  • They had rained
Future Perfect Tense
  • I will have rained
  • We will have rained
  • You will have rained
  • He/She/It will have rained
  • They will have rained
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I have been raining
  • We have been raining
  • You have been raining
  • He/She/It has been raining
  • They have been raining
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I had been raining
  • We had been raining
  • You had been raining
  • He/She/It had been raining
  • They had been raining
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I will have been raining
  • We will have been raining
  • You will have been raining
  • He/She/It will have been raining
  • They will have been raining

Conjugation of the Verb Rain Subjunctive Mood

  • If I rain
  • If we rain
  • if you rain
  • If he (she, it) rain
  • If they rain
  • If I rained
  • If we rained
  • If you rained
  • If he (she, it) rained
  • If they rained
  • If I should rain
  • If we should rain
  • If you should rain
  • If he (she, it) should rain
  • If they should rain

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