Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Topic: English Prepositions MCQs Quizzes

Prepositions Multiple-Choice Quiz


Question: 1 He climbed__________the car and drove away.
Question: 2 Several students escaped from the school by climbing________the wall.
Question: 3- Have you ever run__________that bridge?
Question: 4 I am allergic_________nuts.
Question: 5 I got this email________work today.
Question: 6 World refugee day was on 20 June 2001, and it’s been celebrated every year………..then.
Question: 7 She is like a kid sister_________me.
Question: 8 It has been raining_____two hours.
Question: 9 He resembles__________his mother.
Question: 10 Is he angry_____me?
Question: 11 He asked________the teacher about it.
Question: 12 He means a lot_________me.
Question: 13 She abided____________the wilderness for several days.
Question: 14 He is standing___________the door.
Question: 15 The baby girl ran________the home as fast as she could.
Question: 16 I am not worthy_________his trust.
Question: 17 He asked us to come__________once.
Question: 18 All the students are grateful_________her for her valuable advice.
Question: 19 The baby was hiding________the bed.
Question: 20 His son passed__________us without saying anything.
Prepositions Multiple-Choice Quiz Answer Key
Question No. Answer
1 C
2 B
3 A
4 B
5 C
6 D
7 B
8 A
9 D
10 B
11 D
12 B
13 C
14 D
15 C
16 A
17 B
18 D
19 B
20 D

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