Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Topic: English Prepositions MCQs Quizzes

Prepositions Multiple-Choice Quiz-4

Read each sentence carefully and fill in the blanks with the correct preposition provided.


Question: 1 The professor approved______my proposal in less than a day.
Question: 2 The fire advanced___________the forest.
Question: 3- His brother was accused_______ murder.
Question: 4 He always Interferes__________other people’s relationships.
Question: 5 Neither his father nor their brothers were agreed__________us.
Question: 6 The little boy was parted________his parents with tears.
Question: 7 She continuously knocked_________that jug of water?
Question: 8 I accidentally knocked that jar of glass___________the table.
Question: 9 The school administration has started an appeal________the public to do not park their cars closer to the school boundary.
Question: 10 He has been in our home_________one week.
Question: 11 We will discuss_______the problem with him tonight.
Question: 12 I am is senior_______his brother by seven years.
Question: 13 I feel obliged________him because he is my boss.
Question: 14 She is reading the preface__________the new edition.
Question: 15 We got tired_________riding the bike all day.
Question: 16 The front of the school is___________the road.
Question: 17 The boy escaped_________the open window.
Question: 18 The journey________sea might take many days.
Question: 19 I always deal_________people honestly.
Question: 20 I was born_______1995.

Quiz Answer Key

Question No. Answer
1 B
2 A
3 C
4 D
5 C
6 D
7 B
8 A
9 B
10 D
11 D
12 B
13 A
14 B
15 A
16 D
17 C
18 D
19 B
20 D

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