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Past Tense of Flow | Conjugation with Flow in Active and Passive
Flow Meaning
The continuous movement in one direction of something (especially of liquids or gases).
Flow Past Tense, Past Participle 
The word flow is a regular verb. The past and past participle of flow is flowed. 
Infinitive: to flow
Present Tense: flow (third-person singular flows)
Past Tense: flowed
Present Participle: flowing
Perfect Infinitive: to have flowed
Past Participle: flowed
Perfect Participle: having flowed
Gerund: flowing
Perfect Gerund: having flowed
Conjugation of Verb Flow Active Voice 
Flow Present Tense
  • I/We flow
  • He (she, it) flows
  • You/They flow
Flow Past Tense 
  • I/We flowed
  • You flowed 
  • He (She, It) flowed 
  • They flowed
Flow Future Tense
The verb ‘shall’ is now rare in conversation, though it is still used in formal written English.
  • I shall/will flow 
  • We shall/will flow 
  • You shall/will flow
  • He (She, It) shall/will flow
Flow Present Continuous Tense
  • I’m flowing
  • We/You are flowing 
  • It (She, He) is flowing
  • They are flowing 
Flow Past Continuous Tense
  • I was flowing
  • We/You were flowing 
  • It (She, He) was flowing
  • They were flowing 
Flow Future Continuous Tense
  • I shall/will be flowing
  • We shall/will be flowing 
  • You shall/will be flowing
  • He (She, It) shall/will be flowing
  • They shall/will be flowing 
Flow Present Perfect Tense
  • I/We have flowed 
  • He (She, It) has flowed 
  • You/They have flowed
Flow Past Perfect Tense
  • I/We had flowed 
  • He (She, It) had flowed 
  • You/They had flowed 
Flow Future Perfect Tense
  • I shall/will have flowed 
  • We shall/will have flowed 
  • You shall/will have flowed 
  • He (She, It) shall/will have flowed 
  • They shall/will have flowed 
Flow Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I/We/You have been flowing
  • He (She, It) has been flowing
  • They have been flowing 
Flow Past Perfect Continuous Tense 
The auxiliary ‘had’ is the same with all subjects, i.e., first, second and third person singular and plural.
  • First/Second/Third person Singular + had been 
  • First/Second/Third person Plural + had been
Flow Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • I shall/will have been flowing
  • We shall/will have been flowing 
  • You shall/will have been flowing
  • He (She, It) shall/will have been flowing
  • They shall/will have been flowing 
Conjugation of Verb Flow Passive Voice 
Present Simple Tense
  • I am flowed
  • You are flowed 
  • We are flowed 
  • He (She, It) is flowed
  • They are flowed
Past Simple Tense
  • I was flowed
  • You were flowed 
  • We were flowed 
  • He (She, It) was flowed
  • They were flowed
Future Simple Tense
  • I shall/will be flowed
  • We shall/will be flowed
  • You shall/will be flowed
  • He (She, It) shall/will be flowed
  • They shall/will be flowed
Present Continuous Tense
  • I am being flowed
  • We are being flowed
  • You are being flowed
  • He (She, It) is being flowed
  • They are being flowed
Past Continuous Tense
  • I was being flowed 
  • We were being flowed
  • You were being flowed
  • He (She, It) was being flowed
  • They were being flowed
Future Continuous Tense
  • I shall/will be being flowed
  • We shall/will be being flowed
  • You shall/will be being flowed
  • He (She, It) shall/will be being flowed
  • They shall/will be being flowed
Present Perfect Tense
  • I have been flowed
  • We have been flowed
  • You have been flowed
  • He (She, It) have been flowed
  • They have been flowed
Past Perfect Tense
  • I had been flowed
  • We had been flowed
  • You had been flowed
  • He (She, It) had been flowed
  • They had been flowed
Future Perfect Tense
  • I shall/will have been flowed
  • We shall/will have been flowed
  • You shall/will have been flowed
  • He (She, It) shall/will have been flowed
  • They shall/will have been flowed

Example Sentences with Flow

  • Many rivers flow into the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • The river flows through several countries.
  • The crowd flowed out of the stadium.
  • Water flowed into the cave.

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