Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Topic: Passive Voice MCQs Quizzes

Passive Voice Multiple Choice Quiz

Choose the correct passive sentence or passive verb form from the four choices.


Question: 1 The news_____watched.
Question: 2 Someone has repaired my phone.
Question: 3 Ahmad presented a gift to his son.
Question: 4 Who killed the mouse?
Question: 5 Nobody answered the question.
Question: 6 This question cannot be solved.
Question: 7 He has painted the room.
Question: 8 People believe that he is innocent.
Question: 9 He is going to eat lunch.

Passive Voice Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers

Question: 10 He has a bike.
Question: 11 People speak well of him.
Question: 12 Nobody has seen me yet.
Question: 13 She gives him a present.
Question: 14 People say that he is honest.
Question: 15 Which passive sentence is correct?

Passive Voice Multiple Choice Quiz Answer Key

Question No. Answer
1 A
2 C
3 B
4 C
5 B
6 B
7 C
8 D
9 C
10 D
11 B
12 C
13 D
14 C
15 B

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