Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Topic: Active and Passive Voice MCQs Quizzes

Passive Voice Multiple-ChoiceQuiz-7

Choose the correct passive sentence or passive verb form from the four choices.


Question: 1 He always speaks the truth.
Question: 2 We are preparing the dinner.
Question: 3- Do not disturb me.
Question: 4 You are ordered_______there.
Question: 5 ___English______by you?
Question: 6 I don’t like people pointing at me.
Question: 7 Who built the house?
Question: 8 He is thought_______a good teacher.
Question: 9 It is expected that our team will win the trophy.
Question: 10 People think she left the house last Monday.
Question: 11 Everybody must learn the lesson by heart.
Question: 12 Was the paper________in the class?
Question: 13 He is known______the truth.
Question: 14 Who is going to welcome the teachers?
Question: 15 I don’t like people asking me personal questions.
Question: 16 Nobody knows how intelligent she is.
Question: 17 Which book do you read most?
Question: 18 Everyone saw her going out.

Passive Voice MCQs Quiz Answer Key

Question No. Answer
1 B
2 C
3 B
4 C
5 B
6 C
7 C
8 B
9 B
10 D
11 C
12 C
13 B
14 A
15 B
16 C
17 B
18 D

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