Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

English Nouns Quiz

Instruction: Point out which word in each of the following sentences is a noun.


Question: 1 He is a man of great wealth.
Question: 2 Suliman was a wise king.
Question: 3 The cow is in the field.
Question: 4 He is satisfied with the truth.
Question: 5 It has been raining since morning.

Question: 6 The students are studying mathematics.
Question: 7 Always regards humility as a virtue.
Question: 8 He was rewarded for his bravery.
Question: 9 I need your suggestion.
Question: 10 Give it to a classmate to read.
Question: 11 He is bringing his flock down from the hill.
Question: 12 He saw that he had lost his audience.
Question: 13 They have set up a committee to decide their position.
Question: 14 He provides a lot of information about their troop movements.
Question: 15 The jury has not yet made any decision.

Question No. Answer
1 C
2 D
3 C
4 A
5 B
6 D
7 C
8 D
9 A
10 C
11 D
12 B
13 D
14 C
15 A

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