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Grammar Quiz

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English Tenses Multiple-Choice Quiz

Put the verb into the correct tense.


Question: 1 The match______ an hour ago.
Question: 2 We________Hassan at the zoo.
Question: 3- Here is your cap; I________it.
Question: 4 I think we_______each other somewhere before.
Question: 5 When she rings, we_________the office.
Question: 6 How much money____________her?
Question: 7 ________you speak German?’ ‘No, ________
Question: 8 Choose the sentence which is in the present simple tense.
Question: 9 All the questions__________by our math teacher last night.
Question: 10 Have another piece of meat. No, thanks, ______ too much.
Question: 11 My friend is very healthy and fit because he______four to five miles every day.
Question: 12 I can’t talk to him now. I_____________my hair.
Question: 13 Every morning, the manager__________home at 7 o’clock, and_____to his office.
Question: 14 His clothes are dirty. He_________cricket.
Question: 15 That man was very upset yesterday because he_______that he_______his money.
Question: 16 Does he realize how important this decision____?
Question: 17 He isn’t at home today – he_______with his sister for a week.
Question: 18 About a week ago, I ____ a coat for my son, but I ____ it yet.
Question: 19 The lesson isn’t lengthy. I______it by dinner time.
Question: 20 He_________ill since seven o’clock.

English Tenses Mixed Multiple-Choice Quiz Answer Key

Question No. Answer
1 D
2 A
3 C
4 B
5 D
6 A
7 B
8 B
9 D
10 B
11 B
12 C
13 D
14 D
15 A
16 B
17 A
18 B
19 B
20 C

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