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Third Conditional Quiz

Topic: Conditional Sentences MCQs Quizzes

Third Conditional Quiz

Question: 1 Which tense among the following is used in the conditional clause for the third conditional?
Question: 2 Which one of the following verb tenses can also be used in the if-clause for the third conditional?
Question: 3 Complete the sentence using the third conditional. If I had got up earlier,.........
Question: 4 Choose the correct formula for the third conditional?
Question: 5 If they'd followed the teacher instructions, they wouldn't have failed the paper.
Question: 6 Ahmad's dad always shouted at him. If he.......... badly-behaved his dad wouldn't have shouted at him.
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Question: 7 Which sentence is in the third conditional.
Question: 8 Third conditional is also called the______conditional.
Question: 9 If my bike hadn’t had a puncture, I would have reached the school on time.
Question: 10 If I had known that situation, I_______
Question: 11 The sentence “If I had not reached the hospital, it would have been better.” Is an example of___
Question: 12 If the children had been hungry, we would have gone to the hotel.
Question: 13 _______you have asked him to help if you_______he was injured?

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Question No. Answer
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2 C
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5 A
6 B
7 D
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13 C

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